Monday, December 7, 2020

It's That Time Of Year

It's That Time Of Year 

The Buzz Begins To Happen-Holiday Spirit Is Near

You Can Just Feel The Christmas Cheer 

Everywhere The Smell Of Pine & Crispness In The Air

Fresh Green Ivy & Holly Fill The Homes With Warmth & Love

The Twinkle Of The Lights 
On Homes Near & Far

As The Seasons Change, We Begin To See The Leaves Turn & Thankfulness In Our Hearts 

Savory Ovens With Aromas If Cuisine Made With Care For Families To Gather Everywhere

We All Give Thanks As The Holiday Cheer Grows Near

It's That Time Of Year
When The Buss Begins To Happen

Bustling & Rustling 
The Smells Of Sweets Baking

As The Snow Falls & The Air Begins To Chill

You Can Feel The Christmas Cheer Inviting Scents Give Warmth Everywhere

Colors Of Red & Green 
The Sounds Of Bells Ringing 
The Angels Singing

A Holy Time
Everyone's Common Goal

Peace For Everyone
Peace Throughout The Air

Everyone Comes Together For The Love They Share

It's That Time Of Year 
The Buzz Begins To Happen

Holiday Spirit Is Near

We Celebrate
We Decorate

Peace & Love Giving With Care

The Holiday Smells
Bells Ringing Voices Singing 
Christmas Cheer Laughing Celebrating
Good Will Towards Everyone

Sending Warm Wishes Near & Far

New Resolutions For The Coming Year

Time Of Reflection 

It's That Time Of Year

When The Buzz Begins To Happen

This Buzz Should Be All Year Every Day

Peace & Love Always 

With This Christmas Glow, I Wish You All

A Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Peace & Love To Everyone Far & Near!! 

Thursday, November 19, 2020

From Broken To Beautiful Miss Pinkie Sparkle

Broken To Beautiful

Poor Dear Lady, She Was Not Wrapped Nor Was She Secure With The Utmost Care. 

Her Handlers Threw Her Around Bouncing Everywhere.  

She Had A Rough Trip 

She Arrived At Her Destination So Broken & Sad Ready To Give Up.

When She Arrived I Immediately Admitted Her Into My Hospital.

She Had Quite A Stay Several Weeks Of Repair. 

Then To The Beauty Shop For A Makeover To Give Her New Life Again.

Once Finished 

How Beautiful She Became

                        " Introducing Miss Pinkie Sparkle "


How Beautiful She Looks

With Shades Of Pink 
Sparkles & Baubles 
And Bubbly Champagne

Her Hospital Stay 

Went Very Well 

Her Sparkly Pink Makeover Gave Her Such A Lift She Is Not The Same Lady 

When She Came In Broken & Sad. 

Now A New Look 

A Very Cheerful Character 

So Very Happy She Is

                           With A  Beautiful Smile On Her Face.

                           What A Way To Celebrate

                           Let's Ring In The New Year!  

                              It Was Such A Pleasure 

                       To Rescue & Help This Little Lady

                             May She Shine & Sparkle 

                        She Will Have A Beautiful 2021.

                                                Happy New Year  Everyone 

                               These Ladies Want Wish 

                                A Very Healthy & Safe 

                                     Happy New Year 

                            Here Is To A Wonderful 2021!