Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Challenge Accepted

I believe in your purpose, your joy, your fulfilled with that gift you offer to the world. It can only be a compliment, It can only be an asset to the world. Instead of a world filled with hate, self absorbed robots, feeling useless. No we can infiltrate this shallow nonsense. We are the creators. We are the life source that can replace the so called Norm. We can enlighten and enliven by sharing our gifts to those we are in contact with everyday. We don't have to be the renowned ones of old to be important. We can touch the life of someone everyday and enrich their being with small intrinsic touches of kindness, love, and energy. So simple as a smile or picking up a dropped item. A thank you when unexpected in line or actually letting one enter while in traffic. That one little breathe of patience that can change the moment from tense to terrific. Create a Now moment to share with no one and everyone that you touch today. If your a writer, write and share. If your a singer, sing and share. If you are a designer, design and share. If your a chef, cook & create & share. Give your gifts to someone on this planet without expecting anything in return and FEEL how it moves and inspires YOU.

Hoping to keep it a little more lighthearted here, but I had to complete the Challenge I was commissioned with.

Love your dear heart Ruby.

Hope you like this space and all the bells & whistles.


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