Wednesday, April 17, 2019

My Projects Of Transformation

I Have A Hobby of Transforming Fashion: 

One Example: Once An 1950's Ice Blue Wedding Dress-Long Skirt + Bustier:

Then I decided to have the wedding skirt turned into a party dress  still the same ice blue color.

One color to another color a beautiful transformation for a better life. 

This dress was made from a 1950's wedding gown turned to It was a wedding skirt of mine then  it was turned into a party dress to wear again. 

Why I decided to change the color was for a personal and somewhat painful reason. 

A friend told me if it was made for you special to treasure "make it our own" if you're still attached to it.  

That is exactly what I did. A "Special Lady Katherine Robinson" from "Whirling Turban Dresses" custom made it for me we  collaborated on the design and it was very special & treasured. I toyed with selling it because of a personal heart break it was very hard to part with it due to the special way Katherine & I collaborated, 

I decided I couldn't sell it due to the special bond I have with Katherine. even though the previous use it had in my wedding I decided to transform it into my very own creation. 

The first  two photos is the original color an "Ice blue."  
The 2nd tow photos is the new color its a beautiful  "Jade Green" one of my favorite colors. 

The first phase of the transformation was dying the dress. 
The 2nd is adding the trim & embellishments.
This 3rd photo is some trim added

I am Almost Finished With The Trim There Will Be More Photos To Come.


  1. Lovely project.
    Hope you share on your FB too ๐Ÿ˜Š ๐Ÿค—


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