Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Precious Sayings-Random Wisdom

Precious Sayings Random Wisdom

Ruby Ros'e
La La Sangria

Chaotic Creativity Our Own Way

Patina In Patches-Rust On My Heart

A Faithful Wife Is Like A Beautiful Vine
Water & Nourishment May The Flowers Flourish

A House Is Built On A Rock For A Firm Foundation
It Will Fall If The Rock Is Weak

I Am Just Me-Feed The Tree

I Am Just Me
No One Else

I am not my grandmother I have words I have feelings I am not selfish I do care. I am not anyone I am "Me Just Me". I am me with profound words to share, so easy to be compared I am not like anyone I am me the words come from within. I hurt I feel I have the pain just like anyone. Labels can be put upon us that is so wrong. Until they see inside they will never know, we are individuals no two alike similar feelings but never to deal with the same. I am not my grandmother I am not my father I am me knowing who
exactly I am. Knowing their pain dealing with my own I am an individual precious stone. No Comparisons no shame the crevices of my heart the imperfections of my shame of others is a map whether it be bumpy, smooth or rocky, I am Me no one else I am a beautiful stone with a lifetime of a story just waiting to be read waiting to be seen. Comparisons are weak they have no meaning I am Me no one else that is who I am I'm not my family they are only my extension a part of a tree & I love them dearly. I rise above even when I am weak I can climb again I can climb above. I am Me the only one I can see, God loves me he knows from where I climb from that family tree, this is what I want the world to see, sometimes the ones closest cannot see what the world sees, they are cut off and blind or do not want to see the true Me, ones who can dim your light and cut you down make you weak but we rise above to the ones who actually see and truly love. The ones who can actually appreciate the unique in us. I am Me and I will continue to rise above extended from that family tree to a new tree with new branches new blossoms growing every day reaching to the sun & heavens above with the true tenderness of the ones who actually see understanding, love, tenderness, consideration, empathy, truth, feelings, unconditional to accept me for who I am, no control, to be real, this is the food & strength for this tree called me &  I will continue to be the precious stone I will continue to be "ME" With the nourishment I need! Feed The Tree!

Monday, June 24, 2019

Window to The Soul

Eyes are the window to our heart & soul
The window that sees within
Our creator gave us this window
So you can see & reach in

The eyes you see-the eyes you meet
You look through that window
To see happiness to see light
Or to see evil and darkness

Each window you meet you can see
The window to the soul you can tell what is inside
Happiness, fear, troubled, unsure, loved or secure

Our precious gifts the lord gave us 
Our window our eyes
See our soul our heart 
When your unsure look into the eyes
That window will tell you what is behind

It will help you to understand
It will help you to really see & guide you
To see inside someone just who they are

A window can be a beautiful place it can be a dark place
Your eyes are that window
Keep your eyes on that window shining light
That is your guide for what is right 
That beautiful place to be

Tender eyes shining place
Dark cold eyes a dark heart

Look into the window & you will see
See beautifully
Joy happiness and love

Stay away be weary of the dark windows
They will only bring you pain & suffering
When your unsure listen to your heart
Look into the bright sunny windows
For guidance & light

Ruby C

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Girls Trip-Childhood Reunion

Girls Trip

Girls Time!! Our Childhood Reunion!

La La this I pledge lets make a plan for us to reunite "Girls Trip"
you can come here or we can decide to meet somewhere not sure on the details yet but lets come up with something that will take us away to a beautiful shangri la for us yes laying on the beach with vintage sun hats and I have one just for you :D I will create on just for La La her very own :D 

Girl time to just be fun laugh or cry whatever the emotion comes let it flow we will just hang loose and Be US!!! now we can collaborate here or in our letters we can play Girls Trip Tag in the comments with suggestions & plans when ever an idea strikes just comment here k this will be fun, we can have a relaxing journey to our meeting.

So saving time Yes I plan to execute this plan we need our Childhood reunion we will find a way even if it is penny for penny we will come up with something life is for things like this we will meet, relax and have fun and just talk talk talk talk !! write together that is my dream us sitting side by side writing and just laughing together!!

Ok Dear One Our Childhood Girls Trip Challenge Is On !!

Tag Your It Comment Below :D

I Love You La La Lets Do This 

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Take heart ye tender one.....

The tender heart has to have a safe place; A haven from the turbulence of the whirlwind of emotional destruction that is ever-present all around us.

I don't know what tools, talents, & skills others have used to survive the ruthlessness they've had to deal with. Me, for my part, first turned to religion. A cult in fact, just due to circumstances. Then when the darkness began overwhelming any perceived light, I then just began to hide inside a cave of anxiety. It was a terrible way to raise a family. It fills them with fear & terrorizes their self esteem which creates a more viscous cycle of emotional terror. The tender heart gasps at all the sorrowful aching atrocities in the world & ponders why should we continue.

The wonderful thing about a tender heart is that it is sooooo full of love that it continues to hope. It keeps searching for the light in any given situation including the rotten people that hurt us so tragically. Our most loved & cherished souls that simply cannot understand the capacity of love in our being.

Some of the hardest discoveries while attempting to reconnect first with humanity & then with long lost kindred souls, were, that the passing of so much time, some did not want to revisit the nostalgia and folly. They didn't want to extend their thoughts, memories, or hearts back passing over those emotional minefields that brought us to this station in life of contentment or at least understanding. We lost so many loved ones & it would cause us to really pause & observe very painful parts while enjoying the joyous times too. But the tender ones have to take the risk. We have to share the possibilities.

It's okay to be tender hearted & tender souled & share your tender love. What you give returns and there couldn't be a more rewarding bounty than to find that other loving giving being that will take some time to share a profound moment of joy. So reach for your joy & let your tender heart guide you out to the other tender hearts & make safe joyous havens all over. 💗