Tuesday, June 25, 2019

I Am Just Me-Feed The Tree

I Am Just Me
No One Else

I am not my grandmother I have words I have feelings I am not selfish I do care. I am not anyone I am "Me Just Me". I am me with profound words to share, so easy to be compared I am not like anyone I am me the words come from within. I hurt I feel I have the pain just like anyone. Labels can be put upon us that is so wrong. Until they see inside they will never know, we are individuals no two alike similar feelings but never to deal with the same. I am not my grandmother I am not my father I am me knowing who
exactly I am. Knowing their pain dealing with my own I am an individual precious stone. No Comparisons no shame the crevices of my heart the imperfections of my shame of others is a map whether it be bumpy, smooth or rocky, I am Me no one else I am a beautiful stone with a lifetime of a story just waiting to be read waiting to be seen. Comparisons are weak they have no meaning I am Me no one else that is who I am I'm not my family they are only my extension a part of a tree & I love them dearly. I rise above even when I am weak I can climb again I can climb above. I am Me the only one I can see, God loves me he knows from where I climb from that family tree, this is what I want the world to see, sometimes the ones closest cannot see what the world sees, they are cut off and blind or do not want to see the true Me, ones who can dim your light and cut you down make you weak but we rise above to the ones who actually see and truly love. The ones who can actually appreciate the unique in us. I am Me and I will continue to rise above extended from that family tree to a new tree with new branches new blossoms growing every day reaching to the sun & heavens above with the true tenderness of the ones who actually see understanding, love, tenderness, consideration, empathy, truth, feelings, unconditional to accept me for who I am, no control, to be real, this is the food & strength for this tree called me &  I will continue to be the precious stone I will continue to be "ME" With the nourishment I need! Feed The Tree!

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