Monday, June 24, 2019

Window to The Soul

Eyes are the window to our heart & soul
The window that sees within
Our creator gave us this window
So you can see & reach in

The eyes you see-the eyes you meet
You look through that window
To see happiness to see light
Or to see evil and darkness

Each window you meet you can see
The window to the soul you can tell what is inside
Happiness, fear, troubled, unsure, loved or secure

Our precious gifts the lord gave us 
Our window our eyes
See our soul our heart 
When your unsure look into the eyes
That window will tell you what is behind

It will help you to understand
It will help you to really see & guide you
To see inside someone just who they are

A window can be a beautiful place it can be a dark place
Your eyes are that window
Keep your eyes on that window shining light
That is your guide for what is right 
That beautiful place to be

Tender eyes shining place
Dark cold eyes a dark heart

Look into the window & you will see
See beautifully
Joy happiness and love

Stay away be weary of the dark windows
They will only bring you pain & suffering
When your unsure listen to your heart
Look into the bright sunny windows
For guidance & light

Ruby C


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