Thursday, July 25, 2019

Dumbo The Movie

I thought I would write a post about a movie:

The Movie is :"Dumbo" by Tim Burton

This movie touched my heart very much the baby elephant had such emotion in its precious face I highly recommend seeing it. It shows how much love there is between a mother and their child. All little Dumbo wanted was to be with his mamma they tried to keep them separated, in the end they never were the bond was so much that nothing could keep them apart. Dumbo with the help of the children in the movie discovered his true self and few and soared as high as he could to achieve what he really wanted and needed to be with his mother and free. I am not going to give away the movie but it is a must see the love and emotion in this movie will touch your heart and it will tug at your mother strings. Whats funny is his name "Dumbo" but he is anything but Dumb! Have a family night with Tim Burton's Dumbo and it will warm your heart!

Applause To Tim Burton & Disney To A Warm & Heartfelt Movie!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Prayer A Spiritual Weed Killer

Prayer Can Act As A Sort Of Spiritual Weed Killer! 

When You Need To Move A Mountain-Bible App

When it comes to our heart we must protect the flowers & kill the weeds

This is so true the weeds are the evil doers or ones who hurt us on purpose for their own gain, the weeds or thistles strangulate the beautiful flowers within our hearts, those weeds must be plucked away and never to return again. This is what keeps a happy heart-a happy bountiful garden. We must take care of our garden (Heart & Soul) be diligent weed constantly. Living In the spirit produces a beautiful garden living in sin and deceit will surly kill the garden it will strangulate the beautiful flowers you have cultivated and you garden will slowly die and turn brown. Weed Constantly to give you garden a super bloom of love joy and color do not let it die it is our responsibility to be diligent to our gardens to keep them growing in abundance.

Reading this passage today in my bible plans prompted me to relay this message about keeping out gardens blooming and not letting them die not allowing those weeds to creep in. The passage struck a chord with me I do not want any more weeds to kill my garden I want to protect my garden protect m heart, we all should do this! 

Power Of Prayer A Spiritual Weed Killer

Friday, July 12, 2019

You will never know

The extent of my words you will never know
You never have seen how I can make these words flow
Never took the time never cared

In the beginning so charming pretending to care
Years went by then you never knew the real me
Never tried so many nights I've cried

Finding my voice I have managed to do
Writing or creating in some way
Its too bad you never knew

Our words or expression can be our footprints in our life, 
what we feel, what we say, how we express,
 but to leave a lasting impression so we make a difference.

We can rise out of the ashes of pain, abuse and mental torture, 
the evil ways of the abuser can leave lasting stains on us 
but we and rise above walk away. 

Abuse of a narcissistic parent or partner can be torture of the worst kind psychical battered & bruised, mentally wounded, keeping you down, playing mind games, turning you upside down is the worst kind of torture. To break free break away to make one self whole again, they will never know that. Pain that they feel its just normal. They turn around on you constantly. They are wounded people, not happy inside. They wish they could be a good pure soul like their targets. That is why they pick certain targets. They can manipulate, deceive, and abuse. its very scary to live with just a mind like that. It fills you with anxiety, worry, constant second guessing, wondering if your right or are they right about me.  That is the true mind f**k they do.
Abuse is no joke in any form, but Narcissistic abuse is the ultimate torture of life. The only way to peace is to walk far away and stay away. Be aware of abuse, all of abuse, it an awful life, a life of pain and distress of the worst magnitude.
Abuse of a parent or parents or spouse or partner the ones who are suppose to love us, they do not know love themselves so how can they love another. They seek out people to serve their needs only. These are my observations due to abuse of a Narcissistic husband, his narcissistic parents, family members who have been abused from a narcissistic mother it is a serious and sad, very sad, troubling abuse that can change you forever.

Full Life

Full Life

What is a full life? what is it to you? what is it to me? Does it depend on what we have done or such accomplishments, and just what accomplishments? Does a full life mean a career? motherhood? a life of travel and experience? 
When we are at the end who will know what our full life was? I wonder myself have I had such a full life?
Yes, I have experienced love of my children. I have given birth. I have made a home. Did I ever experience true love? I hold my family very close, but in that life there is loss, change heartache, pain, inside suffering and strife. Always trying to accomplish my dreams, art, writing, and expression.

What is a full life? Gratefulness, knowing in my heart who truly loves me, knowing there is so much to do, so much to give, so much to experience, so have I had a full life so far. Well, I can tell you this, I have many blessings, I have many pleasures, I have heartaches and heartbreaks, & roadblocks. A full life is just within my reach. I can feel it. I can reach for it. It is right there waiting for me.

More Calm Days

More Calm Days

How I long for more calm days, no stress no worries just relaxation.

How I long for those days of no worry and stress. Not waking up from a bad dream or nerves on end. Every day the heavy piles of burden upon me. 

How I long for days of just being me to relax and enjoy not have what I like taken from me. Days of sunshine and a glass of wine. Days at the seashore watching the waves rushing to shore, gentle breezes, & trade winds among the palm trees. More calm days, no more worries or day to day mundane household motherhood duties. Days to listen to music and dancing barefoot in the sand. 

How I long for the calm of a stress free life, to be the wife of a man who accepts the real me. Real true love in every way. Not just the physical sense, but real true emotion, connection, and friendship. Real love to enjoy those calm days, walking hand in hand along the sand, real companionship each of us as equals, and just being and knowing the love we share.

How I long for those calm days and long for the wonders that await me. I just need to really breathe and let those calm days come to me. To just let me truly breathe and let everything be. 

Seeking more calm days!

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Silence & Wonders Of Nature~Gods Entertainment

Silence of Nature

Gentle breezes, the chirping of birds, watching a flock of butterflies, flutter flutter by me, looking at the wonders of the flowers beautiful hues of different species of plants and trees. 

How the wonders of nature fascinate me, I could look at the sky see so many clouds and shapes. How fun it is to make shapes out of the clouds you look to the sky and what do you see a bunny and puppy a tree a smiling face and heart you can gaze for hours and see so many things it just pulls at your heart strings and just makes your heart sing! 

The wonders of nature what God has made the silence of nature to just listen to really hear what nature is singing a true melody that can calm you lift your spirit and soothe your soul, natures music natures beauty there is nothing quite like it. Gods gift to love and appreciate it. 

When I am stressed down or weary I seek natures peace to get me through the rough patches of life, it is the only way to cope, the wonders of animals I could watch on and on the other day I just watched a squirrel  just hanging out by my sidewalk he had a twig in between his tiny hands just munching away I stood there gazing at him talking to him saying he there little buddy he perked up his little squirrel ears and looked at me for a few moments then scampered away. 

Another time a squirrel was walking along my spa searching for water I was looking at his through the window I'm like oh no be careful don't fall in!! 

Aww the wonders of nature when you are looking to the sky for those cloud shapes or enjoying the blooming color of all the flowers & plants, being entertained by the little critters that come in to your yard.

There is nothing like the silence of nature the wonders of nature, nature Gods entertainment for the masses its free its beautiful its calming its refreshing its renewing, it can renew your spirit and soul.

                       "How I Love Gods Entertainment!" 

Tuesday, July 2, 2019


Someday the world will know
Someday the world will understand
They will know the cruelty that came from your hand
The cruel words you speak to try to make me weak
When you knock me down you felt proud
When you boast does it make your voice loud

Someday the world will know
Perhaps they all ready do
Perhaps they see what you do
Too look over the cruelty they choose

Weak & spineless to let it go on
The cruelty the abuse from hand to mouth
Works cut like a huge knife
Slicing through my life
The words you choose to cut me down proves
The abused child in you raised by the same

The world will know your shame
Seeping out of the cracks of your life
Failures giving suck strife 
The ones who love and care taken for granted
Used for your benefit when you need it

How the world is full of this how do good tender hearted hearts be sucked in
We give and they take we need to build the walls so they can get in
Someday the world will know they all ready do
That's is so true

Boiling Inside

Boiling Inside

The things around me I cant control,"Boiling Inside" every time I expect things to change it remains the same, where is my voice, no one hears no one sees or feels what I am trying to say. I ask for things that just don't come to pass. As if I am just a piece of furniture a chair just standing there. "Boiling Inside"
The things I have to endure family drama that never ends, that drama that is not my problem to solve no my issue to deal with. I have never dropped any issues in your lap the things you have done to me and no one cared no one helped me through this so called family is a selfish one with no souls no caring no empathy how can people be so selfish to just ignore how one feels even when they see my tears none of them have wiped them away they just don't care, it hurts me to my very core that how can people who claim to be a family hurt one another with words deceitfulness no caring putting their failures on others causing pain and destruction. 
"Boiling Inside"
When I can't handle something  I am the first one to admit it and all this pain you have put on me & my sons we don't deserve. Nerves shaking every day tears I can not hide the growing pain I suffer inside, that is no Love at all. 
Time to find away God says find you peace and pursue it you peace will set you free I hold on to those words to one day give me the path to get away peace for me my sons to be free to live a life of fun and joy and no hurt no pain no tears. I cant remain in this selfish so called house it is no home, there is a saying "Home is where the heart is" well this home who had its leader has no heart I put my heart in but is was broken shattered to bits, no its time to repair and fly far away to peace and sanctuary as God will lead me to my path is peacefulness I find ways to seek peace inside and escape to the outside nature to refresh my mind and soul that is what keeps me sane. This is no way of life to live this family that I speak of are lost inside so very sad, but I have no sadness for them that may sound mean but they show no kindness its all superficial and no real heart when I needed them they were not there they let me suffer in my own pain well now I will not allow them to continue to give me more pain, the ties I need to cut that bind me I envision branch by branch one by one cutting away slipping & falling to the ground one after the other to set me free. 
My own family full of love and tenderness joy and happiness that's is home to me, I do not want to be a part of that other family (inlaws) that are so selfish mean non caring who could never love at all. One day as my path begins to walk & walk never to look back a new place a new life with my true family who knows love truly, I say goodbye to the wicked evil and hello to love and sunshine. One day that will come to pass, One day as the Lord guides me I will be set free. I can do things, I can be the person I was meant to be. 

No More Abuse I Will Be Free!! No More "Boiling Inside"

Monday, July 1, 2019

For Fun Of Travel

Traveling This Is Too Cute Had To Share

When You Travel The Fun Way

I Love These So Adorable

Wanted to be lighthearted with this post :) These Look Fun!

Gardens Bloom


The Gardens That Make Our Souls Bloom
This is so beautiful & true we need to groom our garden with love laughter joy sunshine and food of love, with the right people in our garden it blooms when weeds begin to creep in the garden will be compromised, keep your garden blooming always!
Keep the soil always rich in love and vitamins peoples true love vitamins that will make your flowers grow brighter and taller and more beautiful keep you garden fruitful keep the sun shining in never let the darkness take over. Blooming garden will keep our souls blooming blooming garden loving tender hearts.

Wind Beneath Our Wings-Our Space

Your the wind beneath my wings the wind is getting weaker 
will it regain strength again?

With your wind picking me up again
We tender two is each others wind
When we begin to decent and fall
Our wind for each other will begin

Your the wind beneath my wings when the wind dies down I begin to fall
With your wind it picks me up again

We each have things that can take the wind out of our sails 
With each others encouragement & support that's the wind
That's Our Wind

When my wind begins it decent yours will begin
When your wind begins its decent mine will begin
Knowing that we have each others wind to pick us up again

It is a comfort that one one else can have
For when we have each others wind we regain our strength again
Wind beneath my wings to help me fly again
Wind beneath Your wings to help you fly again

What a treasure to have such a support that you always will know
that your wind is near when you fall it is there to keep you rising high
your wind is that for me, keeping be above water keeping me above a dark hole
keeping me up high always looking to the sun your wind carrying me so very far,far as the eye can see, I know in my heart that your wind is near as I feel that gentle breeze whipping through my hair feeling it gently touching my face.

This our special writing place is where our wind begins, when there is self doubt or times so rough & tough either it begins here or pen to paper as those pages make it through the mail that is the sailing wind that we each receive to each other. That wind that is our encouragement acceptance understanding laughter tears joy whatever transcends we know its that wind to pick us up again.

Your the wind beneath my wings~wind so loving and so brisk it picks me up again and again giving me strength when I need it giving me encouragement when I have been torn down. My wind space my place here & in letters may the fly eternal fly always to you and yours to me on & on this is our legacy!

What you mean to me

Have I told you what you mean to me?
How the glint of brilliance in your eyes forms tears within mine when they meet.
The warm cafe color that hugs a soul surrounded by the gleaming white light of innocent pure love.

Have I told you what you mean to me?
With your silly little sideways grin that moves the earth to shake the laughter out of a body.
The words like honey that soothe someone from the hoarseness of the outside world.

Have I told you what you mean to me?
How your presence is a snugly cozy to wrap around keeping out the frozen hearts.
Your movement so delicate and cautious to convey the importance of one's existence.

Have I told you what you mean to me?
That having met you I am better.
That knowing you I am stronger.
That seeing you makes my heart joyful.

Have I told you what you mean to me?
I know I should have, but it was so hard. The words choked in my being.
The thoughts jumbled over each other until they turned to scribbles on the brain.

I should have told you what you mean to me!
It took the sight of your photo years later to appreciate your special gifts.
Only to realize I might lose you moved my heart to break out of its trepidation.

I will tell you what you mean to me!
You are life to my life. You brought life to my family.
You continue filling our lives with light.
Inspiration of life itself.