Thursday, July 25, 2019

Dumbo The Movie

I thought I would write a post about a movie:

The Movie is :"Dumbo" by Tim Burton

This movie touched my heart very much the baby elephant had such emotion in its precious face I highly recommend seeing it. It shows how much love there is between a mother and their child. All little Dumbo wanted was to be with his mamma they tried to keep them separated, in the end they never were the bond was so much that nothing could keep them apart. Dumbo with the help of the children in the movie discovered his true self and few and soared as high as he could to achieve what he really wanted and needed to be with his mother and free. I am not going to give away the movie but it is a must see the love and emotion in this movie will touch your heart and it will tug at your mother strings. Whats funny is his name "Dumbo" but he is anything but Dumb! Have a family night with Tim Burton's Dumbo and it will warm your heart!

Applause To Tim Burton & Disney To A Warm & Heartfelt Movie!!


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