Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Prayer A Spiritual Weed Killer

Prayer Can Act As A Sort Of Spiritual Weed Killer! 

When You Need To Move A Mountain-Bible App

When it comes to our heart we must protect the flowers & kill the weeds

This is so true the weeds are the evil doers or ones who hurt us on purpose for their own gain, the weeds or thistles strangulate the beautiful flowers within our hearts, those weeds must be plucked away and never to return again. This is what keeps a happy heart-a happy bountiful garden. We must take care of our garden (Heart & Soul) be diligent weed constantly. Living In the spirit produces a beautiful garden living in sin and deceit will surly kill the garden it will strangulate the beautiful flowers you have cultivated and you garden will slowly die and turn brown. Weed Constantly to give you garden a super bloom of love joy and color do not let it die it is our responsibility to be diligent to our gardens to keep them growing in abundance.

Reading this passage today in my bible plans prompted me to relay this message about keeping out gardens blooming and not letting them die not allowing those weeds to creep in. The passage struck a chord with me I do not want any more weeds to kill my garden I want to protect my garden protect m heart, we all should do this! 

Power Of Prayer A Spiritual Weed Killer

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