Tuesday, July 2, 2019


Someday the world will know
Someday the world will understand
They will know the cruelty that came from your hand
The cruel words you speak to try to make me weak
When you knock me down you felt proud
When you boast does it make your voice loud

Someday the world will know
Perhaps they all ready do
Perhaps they see what you do
Too look over the cruelty they choose

Weak & spineless to let it go on
The cruelty the abuse from hand to mouth
Works cut like a huge knife
Slicing through my life
The words you choose to cut me down proves
The abused child in you raised by the same

The world will know your shame
Seeping out of the cracks of your life
Failures giving suck strife 
The ones who love and care taken for granted
Used for your benefit when you need it

How the world is full of this how do good tender hearted hearts be sucked in
We give and they take we need to build the walls so they can get in
Someday the world will know they all ready do
That's is so true

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