Monday, July 1, 2019

Wind Beneath Our Wings-Our Space

Your the wind beneath my wings the wind is getting weaker 
will it regain strength again?

With your wind picking me up again
We tender two is each others wind
When we begin to decent and fall
Our wind for each other will begin

Your the wind beneath my wings when the wind dies down I begin to fall
With your wind it picks me up again

We each have things that can take the wind out of our sails 
With each others encouragement & support that's the wind
That's Our Wind

When my wind begins it decent yours will begin
When your wind begins its decent mine will begin
Knowing that we have each others wind to pick us up again

It is a comfort that one one else can have
For when we have each others wind we regain our strength again
Wind beneath my wings to help me fly again
Wind beneath Your wings to help you fly again

What a treasure to have such a support that you always will know
that your wind is near when you fall it is there to keep you rising high
your wind is that for me, keeping be above water keeping me above a dark hole
keeping me up high always looking to the sun your wind carrying me so very far,far as the eye can see, I know in my heart that your wind is near as I feel that gentle breeze whipping through my hair feeling it gently touching my face.

This our special writing place is where our wind begins, when there is self doubt or times so rough & tough either it begins here or pen to paper as those pages make it through the mail that is the sailing wind that we each receive to each other. That wind that is our encouragement acceptance understanding laughter tears joy whatever transcends we know its that wind to pick us up again.

Your the wind beneath my wings~wind so loving and so brisk it picks me up again and again giving me strength when I need it giving me encouragement when I have been torn down. My wind space my place here & in letters may the fly eternal fly always to you and yours to me on & on this is our legacy!


  1. So very moving & inspirational. I'm so very grateful you & your dearheart to reach out.


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