Friday, July 12, 2019

You will never know

The extent of my words you will never know
You never have seen how I can make these words flow
Never took the time never cared

In the beginning so charming pretending to care
Years went by then you never knew the real me
Never tried so many nights I've cried

Finding my voice I have managed to do
Writing or creating in some way
Its too bad you never knew

Our words or expression can be our footprints in our life, 
what we feel, what we say, how we express,
 but to leave a lasting impression so we make a difference.

We can rise out of the ashes of pain, abuse and mental torture, 
the evil ways of the abuser can leave lasting stains on us 
but we and rise above walk away. 

Abuse of a narcissistic parent or partner can be torture of the worst kind psychical battered & bruised, mentally wounded, keeping you down, playing mind games, turning you upside down is the worst kind of torture. To break free break away to make one self whole again, they will never know that. Pain that they feel its just normal. They turn around on you constantly. They are wounded people, not happy inside. They wish they could be a good pure soul like their targets. That is why they pick certain targets. They can manipulate, deceive, and abuse. its very scary to live with just a mind like that. It fills you with anxiety, worry, constant second guessing, wondering if your right or are they right about me.  That is the true mind f**k they do.
Abuse is no joke in any form, but Narcissistic abuse is the ultimate torture of life. The only way to peace is to walk far away and stay away. Be aware of abuse, all of abuse, it an awful life, a life of pain and distress of the worst magnitude.
Abuse of a parent or parents or spouse or partner the ones who are suppose to love us, they do not know love themselves so how can they love another. They seek out people to serve their needs only. These are my observations due to abuse of a Narcissistic husband, his narcissistic parents, family members who have been abused from a narcissistic mother it is a serious and sad, very sad, troubling abuse that can change you forever.

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