Wednesday, October 16, 2019

By The Tender Two LaLa & Ruby

Buzzards & Crows Flying Over My Head
I Do Not Want That Nest To Build
Too Much Debris  Piling Up Inside

Shoo Fly Shoo
Starting Again

Do No Crowd My Mind
Thoughts Of The Past
Yesterdays Gone
I'm Moving On

New Days New Plans
In A New Way
Harmony & Peace
From Within
Sunny Days Ahead

No Crows & Buzzards Crowding My Head
They Have Flow Away
Making Room For Sunny Days
Dark Clouds No More
Tranquility Stays

Happy Place & Happy Space 
Ruby & La La Creating 
Words Of Wisdom-Words Of Love-Words Of Peace & Joy
We Say What We Feel
Our Hearts Tender To Give
Us Giving To The World Is What We Want To Achieve

By The Tender Two LaLa & Ruby
Sending Love Every Day
Lessons To Learn Through Our Journey's
All We Want Is To Help In Some Way

Our Happy Place Our Happy Space Of LOVE

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