Wednesday, October 16, 2019

A Gift From A Mothers Heart

A Swallow Bird
Came From A Mothers Heart

A Gift Of Love That Took Fight
Beautiful Blue & Sea Green
Flowing Seeds The Chain Begins

A Beautiful Piece Created From A Loving Gift
From A Mothers Heart To A Daughters Hand

Given With Thought Of Love Transformed To Wear Eternal

A Swallow Bird That Always Returns
Returning From Where It Began
Always In Flight Into The Light
Wings Open Wide Into The Glide

Gift of My Mother
One Simple Bird A Swallow Bird She Held To Dear
Given To Me A Special Time
Now Adorned In Blue & Green Like My Mothers Eyes

Created Together From Love Of Tow Hearts Mom & Daughter Where It Begins From The Start.

Mom Gave Me This Little Charm She Wanted Me To Put It On A Silver Chain
I Said Well Let Me See
Then I Began To Create
Now With That Little Swallow Bird & My Creation Chain

Together Here They Are Both Out Of Love Is What You See.
Thank You Mom I Will Wear It Proudly.

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