Thursday, October 17, 2019

A Story Told By A Melody-Penzu Journal-Wed. 3/6/2019 at 8:27pm

Storytelling & Music

When You Hear Music
The Words Are The Story
The Music Is The Melody

Stories Told By Melodies

When You Hear The Song
Words & Music
They Tell The Story

When You Hear The Music       
The Story Begins
Words Tell The Story               
Beautiful Stories Told
Lives Unfold                     

Every Song Is A Story Of Someones Present Or Past
Maybe Something They are Going Through
With Every Song We Hear A Lesson
With Every Song & Melody It Helps Our Own Journey

Our Life's Journey Can Inspire Others
Weather is Words Of Comfort Or A Song We Hold Close
The Music The Melodies Put To Words
A Story Is Told Experiences & Lives Unfold
Giving Us Hope & Laughter Understanding Of Pain
Your Pain Or My Pain
Stories Will Help Us Through That Pain

With A Song In Your Heart Music Is The Best Medicine
A Medicine That Will Truly Heal You Heart.

Music Is Love~Music Is Joy~Some Times Is Can Stir Up Sadness Or Bad Feelings.
Then Comes That Melody That Will Bring You Right Back Up Again.

With A Smile On Your Face & And A Song In You Heart. Music Is The Best Medicine~Music is The Healer For Your Heart.

Love Makes The World Go Around~Music To The World It Surrounds.
Melodies To Carry Through That Make Your Heart Sing!

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