Tuesday, October 22, 2019

As I Sit Here Alone-Penzu Journal-Wed. 10/3/2018 at 10:40am


As I Sit Here Alone
I Ponder My Life
And I Wonder

The Life I Have Is Not My Own
I Gave Life & Now They Are Grown
Time To Find Out Who I Am
Time For My Self To Grow

Seems You Never Loved Me
The Way I Thought You Did
Never Loved Me As You Loved Her

The Pain In My Heart
You Can't Or Won't Ever See
Because Of Your Selfishness
Is It The Black Heart You Have

God Tells Me To Forgive
My Soul Continues To Hurt
What Can I Do
I Believed In You
I Believed In Love

Broken Heart
Broken Love

The Lengths Of Love
Do People Really Go That Far
Do They Go The Distance
Will They Sacrifice It All

I'm Not Sure What Is Love Anymore
Every Time I See A Love Story
I Remember How When You Made Love To Me
You Took My Clothes Off It Felt Like Real Love

I Sit Here Alone
Wondering Why
Was She Better Than Me
Or Was It Your Sick Mind & Sick Heart
No Excuses No Answers
Still Wondering
Knowing What I Know
Knowing Who You Are
The Wonder Has Subsided

Now What To Do Where To Go

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