Monday, October 14, 2019

Dedication To My Mother My Best Friend Irene Mackenzie-Pacheco-From My Penzu Journal-Wed. 10/3/2018 at 1:07pm

My Mother My Best Friend

She Always Put Her Kids First
Put Her Self Last 
Raise Me To Be Who I Am

Mother Friend Messenger
Unconditional Love 
Always A Giver
Always Selfless

Who Continues To Teach Every Day
God Puts People On This Earth
Some Are Teachers, Some Are Unconditional Support
Some Are Messengers To Let Us Know

Let Us Know What Is The Path
What Is The Way
Teaching Us Every Day    

With Words~Meaning Behind Their Generous Self
God Knew What He Was Doing
When He Created You
Although You Have Not Had It Easy

From Bad Child Hood
To Health Challenges 
Everything You Have Endured
Everything You Have Taken On
No Matter What Is In Your Road 

Your Strength
Your Love
Your Giving Heart
Your Godly Soul 

Appears Every Day
Even When You're In Pain
Maybe Have Self Doubt
You Still Shine On  

Never Turn Away
Always There
My Mother
My Best Friend
My Messenger~Teacher

Who Raised Me To Be Who I Am 
With A Giving Loving Heart
That Is So True
From My Heart
I Carry You Inside
I Carry Your Heart In My Heart

My Mother, I Dearly Love You

Dedicated To My Mom
Irene MacKenzie Pacheco 

Amazing Mother 
Amazing Woman
The Pearly Gates Will Welcome You 
When God Is Ready To Have You
Come Home

Best Friends We Two

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