Monday, October 14, 2019

Dedication To My Aunt Becky-2nd Mamma-Written From My Penzu Journal-Wed. 10/3/2018 at 12:59pm

My Aunt Becky~Dedication To My 2nd Mamma

We Grew Up Together
I Was Just A Young Child
The Cool Chick
My Cool Aunt
More Like A Sister

Watching Movies Staying Up Late
Taking Stories
Remembering Family
Our Bond Has Never Been Broken

Now That I Am Older
I Feel Your More Of A Mother To Me

I Am Your Favorite
You Called Me Your Momma Doll
Your A Mother Sister Mentor
Amazing Woman
Everything You Have Been Through
Every Thing You Have Endured

You Shape My Soul
With Your Heart
Your Love
Your Shoulder To Cry On
Your Strength

Our Hearts Are One & The Same
I Carry You In My Heart
You're So Very Special
You're So Beautiful
SO Amazing
Going Through Your Life Trials
That Was Bestowed Up On You

I Know There Is A Place 
Heaven's Door Will Open
You Will Walk Thorugh Those Pearly Gates
My Heart Fills With Joy
Love Gratefulness & Gratitude
So Very Blessed
To Have You

From When I Was A Baby Until Womanhood
Blessed From God You Are My Family
My Heart, My Love, My Joy

Dedicated To Rebecca~Norma Mac Kenzie Gardner

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