Friday, October 25, 2019

Broken Doll Broken Heart-Penzu Journal-Wed. 9/6/2017 at 11:16pm

Broken Doll Broken Heart

Never The Same To Be Healed
The Cracks Begin
Shattered Dreams
Parts Falling Away

Broken Doll Broken Heart
Innocence Taken 
Once Treasured Now Left Behind
One's Trash Never To Find

Broken Doll Broken Heart
Can Or Will I Mend
Too Many Cracks Too Many Seams
Ripped Apart My Hopes & Dreams

Once Loved But Tossed Away
Will I Find A New Place
Will I Find My Way
Broken Doll Broken Heart

Will There Ever Be Enough Glue
To Mend All The Cracks
To Mend What You Continue To Do
Left In A Corner Sad & Alone
Tears Flow-Dark Days

For This Doll, Is There Light
A New Home A Ne Place
Away From Harm
To Mend The Cracks On Her Face
Putting The Heart Pieces Back Together

Broken Doll Broken Heart

To Mend To Live Again
A New Start
Never Left On A Shelf
Or Thrown Away 
Treasured Again Some Day

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