Friday, October 18, 2019

Dust Of My Life-Penzu Journal-Wed. 3/6/2019 at 8:31pm

My Specs Of My Dust
Dust Of My Life
Mixed With The Lords Water
A Clay To Make A Vessel
A Vessel That Is Me

New From My Dust
Of My Old Life

Their Might Be Cracks
That Come Upon With Words
The Caves Of Hurt Upon Me

Lord Your Word & Water Heal Me
Loving Seal Knowing I Am Your Daughter
Unique & Special Love & Adored Every Day

Always Re Shaped & Re-newed
A New Vessel Thats Me
Abundant Blooms
Shining In The Sun

Beautiful Colors
When Leaves Begin To Fall Branches Pruned
Lord Your My Gardner & New Fruit Will Bloom

Continued Guidance Through Darkness
Despair Filled My Days
Looking To Your Light
Pulling Me Through
Always In Your Grace
Relying On Your Loving Face

The Days Of My Dust Have Been Rough
Keeping You Lord Close To My Heart
Teaching Me Every Day
Having Faith
Learning From You Smart

With Every Word We All Share
Testimonies To Give To The World
They Know Too They Are Love & Guided
By You Lord By You
 You Take The Dust Of Our Lives
Show Us Remade Can Be Beautiful

Whatever Tore Us Apart With You
We Can Regain Strength
We Can Repair
What Was Torn Down
Can Be Built Again

A Tower On High
In Your Faith
Soring Above
In Flight With Gods Love

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