Tuesday, October 22, 2019

To La La From Ruby Rose

La La Sangria

These Flowers I Give To You La La.

As We Embark on Our Journey Together As The Tender Two. 

Step By Step Our Ideas Our Words Ideas That Grow And Blossom Then Wilt And Reseed Growing Constantly Into Another Bunch Of Lovely Blooms For All To Read.

The Life Cycle Begins 
Creativity Flows As A Waterfall 
This Together Pens On Paper We Wrote As Kids
Gown Apart Then Back Together 
The Collaboration Continued As If it Never Ended
A Loving Chain That Never Stopped.

The Embers Are Striking Up A Warm Fire In The Hearth
Plans Details Inspirations Spark A Roaring Fire In Your Soul Connected To My Soul Then We Begin Again The Glow & Fire Become Plans For Us To Expand.

Dear Heart La La This Is Our Space & Place To Give To Create To Send Love

I Will Waist No More Time On That Bad Energy That Does Not Care It Is Time For Me To Rebuild & Repair
No More Dis Pair For The World To See
Our Writings Our Stories The Precious Words Of The Tender Two For Everyone To See. May Our Words Continue To Grow & Blossom To A Garden Of Love.

Without You This I Would Not Be Able To Do 
My Inspiration You Give Me The Words The Phrases
They  Come To Me So Clearly
Love To You Dear La La 

These Words I Give To You The 2nd Half Of The Tender Two

From Your Ruby Ros'e
My Blessing In You. XOXOX 


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