Saturday, October 19, 2019

My Melissa My Dedication To You

My Melissa Keller

In High School Our Friendship Began
Young Girls 
Classes Together
Spirit Days
Passing Notes Fun Memories

How High School Passed So Very Quickly
Before We Knew It It Was Gone

Time Passed Our Separate Ways Began
Life Went On
Reunited Once Again 
Having Once A Month Lunches 
Our Time Gal Time
Having Lunch Doing Hair Drinking Wine

How I Cherish Those Moments
Talking On The Phone 
Having "Our Time"

You Helping Me Through My Tough Times
Always Listening
Lending A Shoulder & Ear
With A Heart So Loving & Dear
As Huge As The World
Loving & Kind

Us Being There For Each Other
In Times Of Sadness Grief & Despair
For You My Heart Is Always Hear
Those Distance Keeps Apart 
We Are Never Far From Each Others Heart
As The Seasons Change
We Remain The Same

Our Visits We Share 
Precious Time Spent

Which Is Needed More Often I Do Admit
I Love Your Dear Melissa
Your Very Close To my Heart
Sister Of Mine
I Dedicate This From Me To You
You Are So Very Dear
I Carry You In My Heart
With These Words Think Of Me
Special Words To One Special Lady
Melissa Keller XOXOXOXOX

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