Friday, October 18, 2019

My Soul Sista-Dedication To Tami Gardner

My Soul Sista

She Is My Soul Sista Miss Tami Gardner

We Are Cousins From Moms Who Are Sisters As Close As Can Be One The Oldest & One The Youngest

Same Values Same Hearts
Becky & Irene
Loving Unconditionally Always.

Tami & Me Soul Sistas
We Are With The Same Heart
Loving~Caring~Giving~Always Tender 
Tami Is Tender Heart Three
A Connection To The Tender Two

Growing Up As Kids Near & Then Far Apart
We Always Had Our Special Way
Our Hearts They Are One & The Same

We Can Do This Eyebrow Thing
We Know How Each Other Is Feeling

We Give Unconditionally

My Soul Sista Tami
I Dedicate This To You With All My Loving Heart

Special Heart Talented Lady Always Making Someone Laugh

This Is You Always Giving So Selflessly You Give Of Your Heart So Purely

God Made An Angel With Such A Soul That Sines Through Our Hearts Connected That Is Gods Plan He Knew What He Was Doing Connecting Our Souls From The Beginning From The Start

Tami I Dedicate This To You My Sweet Soul Sista
Who I Love So Deeply Your Heart Is In My Heart

Always Remember This Your Smart~Beautiful~Talented & Gods Daughter My Soul Sister Our Bond Is So Strong
It Will Last Forever As The Days~Nights~Weeks~Months & Years Are Forever Long
Soul Sistas~Tender Hearts~Loving Souls You & Me Gods Plan For Us To Be I Love You Tami XOXOXOXOXOXOX

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