Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Narcissistic*-------------*Sociopath*-------Psychopath-Penzu Journal-Thu. 1/5/2017 at 1:25pm

Learning While Observing
A Personal Experience I Have Been Dealing With
Learning This About Someone Who Is Close In My Life

N-No Empathy                              S-Sympathy None
A-Arrogant                                     O-Overactive Sexual Behavior
R-Remorse None                          C-Chronic Manipulation
C-Condescending                          I-Impulsive Nature
I-Impossible                                  O-Opportunist
S-Shallow                                       P-Pathological Liar
S-Snob                                            A-Always Cheating
I-Interpersonal exploitation      T-Take In
S-Self Serving                               H-Has Grandiose Attitude
I-Incapable to love

P-Poor Behavior Controls
S-Shallow Effect
Y-Your inability To Break Bad Habits
C-Conning Manipulative Actions
H-Having No Responsibility For Own Actions
O-Observing How They Effect You
P-Pathological Lying
A-Always Seeking Stimuli
T-The Lack Of Realistic Long Term Goals
H-Having Early Behavioral Problems

These Characteristics I Have Researched In My Time Of  Your Deceit~Clarity In To This Personality Disorder That This One Close To Me Carries.

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