Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Follow Up To Thankful A Brighter Outlook 11-25-2019

Follow Up To Thankful

           When I Wrote "Thankful From A Very Dark Place", I was in a very bad spot as you can read, I was devastated that my life of lies from my husband and his other life came crashing down around me like a ton of bricks as if it was an earthquake that was a magnitude of 7.infinity as the holidays approached it gave me that very dark perspective since that time here it is 2019 and four years later.

My perspective has chanced in my heart although then I remember celebrating and what I did for my family at that time my words were from a dark place today that place is lighter and brighter my gratitude has come from a better place and a thankful heart.

Those were his actions, and I am truly thankful for my sons and what I have done for them. My heart is lighter and not as heavy due to realizing another can not make our happiness and joy his mistakes are not mine and in my heart I know who I am and no one or nothing can never take away my thankful heart.

In this life we are only responsible for ourselves no one else we can not control another a very hard lesson to learn I do admit but it is now with a lighter and thankful heart I can say these words. Dark places produce dark words dark circumstances produce dark feelings it takes time to process that darkness it's been for years since I saw those dark words and I have to say that dark place is damaging. 

Today I write from a lighter space with a lighter heart
a thankful soul a thankful place. 
Hold on tight to those who love for real
Every day is a new day and a brighter place to be

I am thankful for my sons who love me who are my support and love me unconditionally.

I am thankful to God forgiving me the strength to keep fighting.

I am thankful for my support of my family the ones who stood by and never left, and they know who they are.

I am thankful for a strong mother who has been through a lifetime of tests trials good and bad knowing real love my dad. A mother who stands for what is right and gives me my strength she is my hero.

I am thankful for a wonderful father who had a huge heart and taught me so much what it is to be a real man strength
plus a good pure heart that is what I teach my own sons to be real men like my father.

I am thankful for great friends who I consider my family they are  there no matter what any time day or night 

My heart is huge and grateful for my trials and tests thus far to shape me and teach me giving me hope and faith to persevere to keep going when I thought I could not.
Today I am thankful for the sun rising every day 
each day I awake I give thanks to God above even though I have rough days I know he will get me through with the faith in my heart and Gods guiding hand.

Each day I give thanks for the people who I love the ones close to my heart they are with my every day. Always seeing me through, they are in my heart and when I get weary I remember their supportive words the hope they always have given me in their individual way. 

I Love You All!
Yes I AM Thankful Every Day


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