Friday, September 24, 2021

Life In Limbo-Penzu Journal-Tue. 6/2/2015 at 10:00am

I Am Tired of Crying Every Day
I Am Tired Of You Treating Me This Way
Who Are You Where Did You Go
You Not the Same Never Hardly Nice
Always Calling Me Dirty Names

My Heart Hurts Always It Never Changes
When Will It End When Can I See the Real You Again
Is that A Lost Hope Am I just Fooling Myself
Fooling Myself Into Thinking the Old You Is Somewhere
Somewhere Deep Inside Underneath All That Sinister
Deep Inside Maybe Never To Be Found Again

I Am Alone Again I Feel No Connection No Real Love
Never To Talk Always You Mind Somewhere Else
On Someone Else? Why Then Why Do You Keep My Here
Why Am I Still By Your Side ?
I Have Talked I Have Written I have Cried, I Have Prayed
What Is The Answer What To Do Why Was It All Taken
Why Can't I Have The Real You

What Have I Done Wrong What Am I To Do
I Live Every Day In Limbo No Knowing
Lost Again and I Don't know How to Get Where I Am Going
A Whirlwind of Change & Events Almost 9 Years Married
Twenty Five Of a Lifetime, Half A Decade, Of What Lies?
I Thought I Was Enough I Put Myself A Side
I Raised Two Amazing Sons I Kept a House Given You What You Wanted
Or So I Thought ?? Now To Live Every Day With Tears In My Eyes
Heart So Heavy, Some Days Are So Very Dark ,
The Only Think That Makes Me Forget Just a Little Bit

Seeing The Ocean The Fun Atmosphere Of The Beach
Beach Community That Is My Dream It Was Ours But Is It Gone
I Have Been By Your Side Always , To Shove Me Away
Make Me Hurt Make Me Cry, Not To Even Care WHY???
What & Where Is The Future I Try To Think Hope Have Faith
Is It All For Nothing?? The Names Hurt They Cut Like a Knife
I Have Never Done Such Hurt To Anyone Why Is It Happening to me
I Have Tried I Have Loved With Everything All I Have Done
All I Have Worked For All Of A Sudden Is In Not Meant to Be

Seems Always & Forever Suddenly Got A Little Shorter
When You Give Love Show What It Means Even In Your Skin
To Take It For Granted & Not Realize, Just How Important
My Love is, To Think I Didn't Mean Anything I Have Ever Said
Is Wrong I Have Given You The Proof & Sacrifice
Can You Say The Same, By The Actions You Took Selfish Ways
Breakes My Heart Over & Over Again Day After Day!

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