Friday, September 24, 2021

No Answer To Why-Penzu Journal-Wed. 9/21/2016 at 3:46pm

You Say Many I Love You's
Torture Me With The Music You Play
Words That Remind You Of Another
You Say No Way
But I See The Reaction & Gleam In Your Eye

Now Knowing The Plans You Made
The Care You Gave Another
Then Why All these I Love You's To Me

Seems To Me Its The Other One
You Should Be With
Now You Say No Way
All Those Plans & Schemes
To Put Me Through This Hurt
To Cause Me Such Pain

Cold Cold Eyes
No Feeling No Remorse
Self Absorbed & No Heart
Never To Answer The Question Why

The Pleasure You Have Seeing All The Tears That I Cried
The Pain Deep Inside
Do You Think That Gives You Power
All It Does Is Makes You The Horrid Monster
The Horrid Monster Who Hurts, Hits, Pushes
To Limits, The Limits Of Dispair, Heartache & Lonliness

Some Day There is A Way What Goes Around
Comes Around It Wont Be Me I am Not Your Judge
Hurtful Deceitful Ones Get Whats Coming
You Make Think You Stole My Happiness & Life
Your No Husband You Never Knew How To Treat Your Wife

You Took A Whore Before Your Kids
No Respect You Have & You Know Why
Never Lear Will You Because Your Patterns Still Remain
Crazy, Sad, Sick, Its Help You Need
Took Look Within Your Bad Deeds
For A Better Life That You Will Sustain

With Every Tear It Was Dried
With Every Thought of Sadness Lonliness & Dispair
There Was Comfort
With Very Bruise & Hurtful Words That Stabbed My Heart
There Was Understanding & Love & Support
There Was Counsel There Was Giving

But All These Things Were Not From You
Family, Friends, Blood Or Not
Ones Who Are Close To Me Are There
Because When You Truly Love & Care
You Hear, You Listen, You Love, You Comfort
Real Love That Is What You Do........

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