Friday, September 24, 2021

Struggle-Penzu Journal-Tue. 8/16/2016 at 12:50pm

All Souls Weather They Be Human & Non Human
The Heart They Touch
Some Stay, A While Some Stay A Lifetime
But The Souls Who Touch Us
Good  Or Bad We Surely Learn From Them

But What Do We Learn
We Learn Love Unconditionally
We Learn Trust & Sincerity
We Learn Loyalty That's Real
We Also Learn Distrust & Betrayal
Life Lessons But Are They To Weaken Or Strengthen

With Every Battle With Every Challenge With Every Lesson
We Learn We Question We Ponder We Blame We Forgive
We Have Trials That Take Us To The Bitter End Sometimes
It Will Want To Take You Over Those Are The Tests
So How Do We Pass Or Do We Fail
It Is Up To Us
We Search & We Learn We Channel & Prevail

All Souls Are Free Of The Burdens Once They Leave
Life Has A Funny Way Of Teaching Sometimes
The Loss Is The Gain
What We See As A Loss Is A Gain To A New Life

To Be Ourselves To Love Ourselves
To Be Happy As We Are
No Impressions No Masks No Pretending
To Find Love In The Universe Love Is All Souls
Human Non Human Souls Are Souls
When They Meet When They Connect
Everlasting Love In The Heart
You Know You Feel
When You  Look Into Any Eyes
That Is The Window To The Soul & Heart
Weather Warm Or Cold Bright Or Bold
Your Can Truly See & Feel What Is Within
A True Heart Or A Black Aybis

A Shining Light Or Dark As Knight
Souls Never Lie Only The Facade Behind The Face
Covers Up Whats Lurking Inside...

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