Wednesday, November 6, 2019


What Are Valuables?

Is Valuables What You Own
Or Is It What You Say
What Are Valuables?

How Would Someone Take Care Of Your Valuables
Would They Keep Them Safe
Or Would They Throw Them Away

What Is Value?
Is It Possessions
Or Is It Love
What Is It?

If Someone Loves?
Do They Take Care Of Those Possessions?
Do They Give Them Away?
Do They Love You In Every Possible Way?

Do They Protect Their Treasures
Do They Protect Their Love
Whats Important To Them
Maybe Possessions Or Love

Value To Me Is Love
Love Unconditionally
Respect 100 %
Loving Each Other~REAL
What We Hold Close
Possessions That Are Mementos
Of Family Of Special Things

Value Is Knowing Your Worth
Your Worth Is To One Who Loves You
True Value Is Respect For Ones Self & Space
Respect Of Ones Heart & Place

Value Is Huge In All Respects
Value Is Huge One Hundred Percent

Value & Valuables Is A Variation
Know Your Value Know Your Importance
Know Who Will Have Your Back
Know Who Will Have Your Interest At Heart

Will Your Prize Possessions Be Just Left To The Waste Side
How Sad To Know
They Could Of Been Given To Carry On The Flow

You Thought
Your Family Had Your Best Interest At Heart
But Did They?
Will They Go The Extra Mile
Or Just Dump Your Stuff In The Garbage
Will They Dump You In The Garbage?

The Questions We Must Ask?
We See What Happens
When Ones Who Do Not Care
Preserving  Ones Mementos & Past
They Would Just Rather Get It Over
Forget It At Last

A Bouquet Of Flowers A Bouquet Of Memories
Lasting Always From Ones Who Truly Love


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