Friday, September 24, 2021

Why-Penzu Journal-Mon. 8/15/2016 at 4:55pm

When You Held My Hand I thought It Was Real
All Along You Held Another's
When We had Walks On The Sand You Did That With Her
All The Places We Went , things We Have Seen
All Along With You She Did Them Too

Every Day Is A Struggle While With Me  You Loved Her
How Do I go Forward How Do I Move On
Easy For You To Say Its Harder To Do
I Always Loved You, Now To Know All Of It Was Fake
Even A Wedding To Take Place That Was Maybe Not Real
I Know It Was For Me, For You Another Story

Some Days Good Some Days Bad
Heart Wrenching Pain ,Days Of Tears, Inside Pain
Where To Go From Here How To Move Forward
Dome Days Only Darkness Where Do I See The Light
You Say Its Over & There Is A Change
But I See Coming Through Your Old Ways

Where To Go What  To Do
My Life Turned Upside Down, I feel Its In Ruins
To Say Get Over It Not So Easy
When Around The Corner She lurks Looms
Wanting You Back Playing Games & How Do I Know
How Can I See A Future

Not Knowing What I Want Or Need
To Know Her Games Your Ego It Feeds
Will This Get Better When Will Hurting End
I Ring I held So Precious & Dear With Vows Made
Locked Away Not Worn When I see It Tears Flow
You Cant Even See How This Hurt Every Day Grows

Too Many Memories Here Every Corner
Every Place I Turn I Can Imagine
Kills My Heart Hurts My Soul
How Purposely The Hurt You Both Bestowed On Me
Why I Ask Why  ?? Must This Be????

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