Saturday, March 28, 2020

Dearheart Challenge! Happy Anniversary TTT

A brief year ago arrived the correspondence of a lifetime. Our Dearheart, Ruby Rosé, poured out her heart into a letter. Something I had looked forward to quite regularly for nearly a year and also decades before as blooming young ladies. Such an inspiration as she is, what I received was the Pen Pal present of a lifetime, & it would change our lives forever.

It had become a sacred ceremony. Something to look forward to as treasured time to escape the world. It would arrive without warning, a challenge unto itself in this up-to-the second connected world. It was, and still is, the most joyous time in this realm of existence. To see that envelope, which holds pages and pages of love, hand scribed, including all the treasures of the heart and soul.

Such a divine gift, first that it arrived at all. A gift of the heart, penned by hand. Then the hand woven words of encouragement, shining out to brighten the life of another. So cherished, to realize the personal touches of sentiment and sharing contained on each page. On and on, the outpouring of blessings and cherubic innocence. All shared with a special touch of unique and talented creativity. One of a kind caricatures showered with anecdotes.

On this particular feast of personal exchanges, notes of family activities and projects of contemplation, Ruby let out a bombshell of an idea. It was something she had eluded to on occasion before, and I had been toying with the possibilities. One must only guess but It seems It was not something that I was taking seriously enough previously. However, this time she out did even her own self. The Dearheart we all know and love challenged her childhood friend to a creative prompt. She threw down the gauntlet of creative aspirations.

She had a vision of Two Tender Hearts becoming Great collaborators overflowing in inspirational inventiveness. The Letter penned below was a direct Challenge to complete her cleaver prompt with style and flair. I really had no idea whatsoever where to start. It was my opinion that she was the genius of craftsmanship and accomplishment. I had watched in awe for years as she formed her personal vintage business while working from home as she dutiful cared for her family. It was truly awe inspiring to see her mastery of individualized style and grace. Looking up to her brave model, it was her inventiveness and perseverance that led us to create this cherished blog. Challenge Accepted, the first post on our blog, was the answer to her prompt from her letter. A day birthed into being from her love and support.

Ruby Rosé, I love you dearly, with all my heart. The world needs you more than ever in this crisis we are confronting. I will always be here to support all of your daydreams and whims of brilliancy. Keep shining!

Happy Anniversary! Many, Many more lovely years of encouraging and creative bliss. Sharing what we love the most with everyone. Pouring out our Dear hearts onto the mission of The Tender Two. Putting pen to paper for the soothing of tender hearts

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  1. I Am So Very Touched By This Sweetie Happy Anniversary Tender Two Heart Together Our Collaboration Challenge Accepted Beautiful Words Shared Souls Bared This Our Gift To The World Nothing Can Compare To True Hearts Tender Hearts We Two :D Love You Darling Happy Anniversary TTT :D


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