Thursday, May 7, 2020

Dearheart Day

The fog & clouds are dissipating, leading to the rays of a bright new beginning one could only dream possible. --LaLa in care of "The Artist's Way"

I've only half read the first couple of chapters of Julia Cameron's classic course, "The Artist's Way". What has happened so far is not short of a miracle. The tools sent me on an amazing expedition, which has ultimately lead me to a new "camino" or way of life. It allowed me to acknowledge the creator in me & the link to Divine life force has unleashed a powerful fountain of artistic energy brought into being.

I wish I could admit to tirelessly researching every detail of the text, but alas I failed to dedicate the necessary mental clarity to digest the real depth of the studies proposed in lesson after lesson of soul searchings. It is an intense review of very touchy aspects of real life and the emotional dialogue we carry around with ourselves. As things from long ago weight on us for no other reason than we felt obligated to carry the load. When applied to some well deserved examinations we can then begin to actually distinguish what parts are valuable and what can be let behind. The release of so much guilt or shame is so liberating.

It's a process as strong as the ocean churning out sharp pieces of broken glass into a magical soft frosted smooth bits that have been refined or polished by the tumult of the grand sea. The treasure of children playing on the shore to come across blue, green, or purple pieces of what at one time would have cut them is now the jewel of renewed beauty. Such power in the depths lifted up the shattered past and exonerated it to the value of gems.

For me personally, it is the beginning of a much needed journey that examines the motivational need to carry my monsters with me or choose to let them in a box for when I actually need them. Their safety being intrinsic to my own. But now there can be a respite from the darkness, which could lead to a blossom lined trail of blissful moments peppered into the excursion. It is the first time I could honor the past & not have to feel its dread.

This is not a process for the faint of heart. It has drawn up feelings of discomfort, just like the mirror the morning after the over celebrated occasion. One will see raw truth. But if you can look that person in the eyes, with all it's unmasked flaws and take the action to accept even love wholly, it will open the floodgates of abundance.

The ideas start to flow. The trickle grows to a stream and continues onto that huge body of water that can produce your personal pieces of jewels-your art, your creativity, your bliss, your reason for being, your ikigai. If you get to feel that, even for a moment, it was worth wading around in the examination.

It's been a tearful, joyful adventure for me. Even from the vantage of the very first bend in the road. Because we all know it's the journey that matters & the treasures along the path are the delight. But the spot where we sit & rest to bask in the beauty of our surroundings is when we breathe in deeply contentment and exhale profound peace. Inextinguishable bliss to rise up & take on more of the journey ahead.

It's the foundation of Dearheart Creativity here on The Tender Two. It would not have been possible without the continual refinement that happens so magical every single time I open up to my bookmark & take out my notepad.

My greatest admiration to Ms Julia Cameron for her generosity of lending her lessons to the world & creating that amazing place to play.

Thank you!

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  1. Wow, Very Insightful dear and yes Julia Cameron's book is great I admit I have to get back to it, I have to admit I have been lacking shame on me I need to get back to my creativity :D


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