Saturday, May 9, 2020

Mothers-Mom Love Eternal

 Mother's Day A Card For My Mom Plus Her Plants & Joy Swans To Represent Her Grace

Her Joy Flowers Grace My Window Everlasting Love Inspires Me 
A Good Luck Bamboo A Spirit Plant Given From My Mother Her Heart Her Joy

Angel My Mother My Teacher Gifts From The Heart How I Have Learned From Her From Child Too Woman She Is My Inspiration My Dedication To True Motherhood Self Sacrifice Strength Beyond Belief I Owe M Strength To My Mother If It Was Not For Her Guidance & Belief I Would Have Crumbled By Now. Yes, I hold My Mother In High Regard She Is The Pillar Of Strength, Hope, Strife, Strength To Make Me The Woman I Am. She Is My Angel My Everything My Best Friend Irene Katherine Mackenzie Pacheco I am Who I Am Because Of You!

My Mother's Day Salute To You!!
My Mother My Best Friend My Inspiration I Love You!!

Mothers-Mom Love Eternal


  1. How beautiful! Happy mother's day Momma Pacheco. Happy mother's day Dearheart Ruby

  2. Happy Mothers Day LaLa xxoxoxoxxx


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