Friday, June 5, 2020

Summer Time Fun

Better Diner

As the month of June kicks off the summer time urge to migrate, travel looks a little different in the middle of a pandemic.

Instead of going to new adventuresome places, this summer we will be taking a trip down memory lane.

One of my favorite things to collect has been postcards. Having the adventure of being a over-the-road semi driver for 2 years I would pick up postcards to remind me of the places I had been. Since my hands were busy on the steering wheel, I didn't take a lot of pictures.
To remember my adventures from this time of traveling, every time I stopped someplace I would pick up picture postcards.

Picture postcards were already a tradition in our home. Family members actually would send notes to each other and I learned to love these from my wonderful GrannyZ. She was so famous for taking a popup road trip, tossing a postcard into the mail, and having it show up at our home as a surprise. It is one of the things that fueled the Gypsy in us to go see new places and experience the sights. So even before going over the road as a career I'd already formed quite a collection of picture postcards from many other roadside adventures.

I am hoping to share from time to time some of those great vintage cards and a story or two along with them.

To start here's a couple of my most favorites of course my most favorite persons.

Better Diner Letter
Vintage PostCard

Now I will admit, the actual photos on some of these Vintage Treasures are really nothing great to look at. However, these cards draw up streams of emotion.  It was almost too much to go through my collection. So many tender feelings came to the surface.  That is why were doing this project though. To get in touch with our feelings and the memories that built the wonderful tender dearhearts that we are.  

This particular card was a grand surprise as we received it in a spontaneous road-trip full of surprise treasures.  Kids really enjoy these and will hold dear forever these random greetings that just pop up unannounced.  They make such wonderful gifts of love.  When we received this card I was 18, my siblings 16, 12, 10 & 8. We were just jumping around hollering, waiting for our turn to read t hespecial note from our beloved GrannyZ & Papa.  This one actually opened up into a stationary card with space for a whole letter.  Granny was never one to disappoint.  You can almost hear her giggle in her notes.  

Another Diner
PostCard Surprise

PostCard Surprise
PostCard Surprise
The details that someone may have missed, but that we as young persons recognized immediately. We looked to see the postmarks and postage. Also of much importance, our initials are listed in a column for each of us that were included.  Revealed still,  where the old address on the hotel, crossed out by hand. Who knows the reason?  Then the hand written letter. News of the journey's completion, The knowledge that they had successfully returned home. Notes that mention other loved ones, who are also now no longer with us. 

PostCard Surprise

So much joy and nostalgia. I have more lovely postcards much like these. I will have to draw up the courage to share them on another occasion. This was a very difficult project. It brought back so many thoughts and experiences. Hopefully it will let others recall the love bestowed upon them by random acts. There is an abundance of loving memories.  There is the opportunity to create abundant loving memories for others.'re IT! 

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