Wednesday, June 10, 2020

The World Today~Pandemic~Riots~Lack Of Love & Empathy

Among So Many Things 

A Pandemic Struck Us 

Riots Rang Out Once Again:

Race Against Race~People Against People~A Nation Going Backwards In Time?

Its Been A While On Here: I Feel Compelled To Talk Now:

First of all, I am deeply sorry for the loss of life during the pandemic I am deeply sorry for the Loss of George Floyd it is so sad to take a life at the hand of ignorance and hate. It clouds your purpose in life, we have evolved from this and yes it still remains. 

I'm reaching out to the ones who feel insignificant who feel bad for who they are who get shut out when they are trying to speak we all have voices we all need to speak we must let everyone be heard positively, among families or loved ones let voices be heard positively let them get their point across.
Nothing worse than to be shut down by one's ignorance and insecurity. 

                                    United We Stand 
                Divided We Fall 

People's insecurity, phobias, blatant control misunderstanding, plain evil projection I could go on! 
We are created out of "Love" and to "Be Loved" as one.

We all came from places we are blended as a country us individuals we love who we want to love we are peaceful people we can overcome all this.

There has been many strifes in the world sacrifices brutal murders genocide and we have evolved we can not go backward! 
Hate is a poison upon us we can not let this poison continue to flow. We are a united people from many backgrounds and many cultures and many ethnicities genders we can not be silenced.


The Insecure & the ignorant try to get in the way of our beauty and to flourish as we are meant to be. 
We cannot allow the bullies and the ones who want to silence us win. We will rise above we can speak we will be heard we will triumph without violence.

Peace Love Acceptance Joy Respect Us Deserve
We Are All Brothers & Sisters.

I have struggled with this I felt compelled to state my feelings. It is so sad the world is this way we have evolved so much and to take so many steps backward, to be so mean and blatant hate towards one another people fighting to destroy one another the businesses that make up this economy the very necessities that we rely on as a country.
It hurts my heart tremendously.


Then there are the selfless ones who continue to work and provide everyone should take a lesson from the medical workers~caregivers~the people in our grocery industry the ones in the industries that help us survive as a society. They have not thought of themselves they do their jobs for all of us.

I felt it was necessary to share my view on
this subject. 

Our space and time on this earth are precious not to be taken granted,  love one another enjoy the beauty in the world that is what it should be, is it so very sad the world is not full of hate, bigotry, deceit, ignorance, and destruction. 

We are created in love everyone should remember this, instead, the selfishness comes into play! 
It is so very sad to be this way. 
I am a tender loving heart that is the way I have been always and it has cost me at times. I'd rather be me then to be part of the darkness that plagues this world I pray they begin to see the light!!


  1. If more people were like you DearHeart, the world would be so wonderful.

    1. Thank you, La La it will take people to change for the better we can only show the world how love and positivity can blanket the world with peace :)


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