Thursday, June 11, 2020

Postcard Challenge Accepted Traveling Memories

                                    The Postcard Challenge 
                     I Will Accept Gladly


This first photo is a grouping of all the postcards I have saved. 
From the 1980s Thru 2006

                      A Variety Of Places.


This grouping is a postcard from Italy (Marrianne) One from Arizona (Melissa) Two doggies & horses from (Cindy) Let me take you through my travels with postcards. 

Shall We Begin
This Postcard Is From Marrianne She Went To A Lovely Family Vacation in the '80s & Shared Such A Lovely Place. 
Italy (Scilla) La Spiaggia-La Plage-The Beach-Der Strand. At The Bottom Ediz 168 Polimento Pietri Via Del Gatto 2 Reggio Calabria. Here Below You Can See The Stamps They Are A Bit Worn, What A Beautiful Place 

Next, We Travel To Arizona
The Majestics Of The Grand Canyon, Where Melissa Took A Family Vacation Also In The 80s What An Experience To Share Thank You, Melissa!

Now For Some Cute Puppies & Horses That Cindy Shared, I Believe One Is From Denver Colorado. Circa 80's

The Curious Colt

Here Are Some Adorable Puppies Thank You, Cindy!

Cute Puppies

Next, We Travel To Hong Kong
To A Traditional Country Market
This One Is Called Luen Wo. My Japanese Friend Yuko Shared This With Me, Also In the 80's 
Very Interesting Place
Loved This Yuko :D
Then Here We Go To Japan Yuko Always Sent Me Cute Postcards & Letters During My High School Years In The 80s 
Such A Dear Friend 
On To The Magic Kingdom The Happiest Place On Earth!
The Beautiful Sleeping Beauty's Castle.
My Cousin Shannon Sent Me This When She Visited Disneyland in the 80s. 
Our Favorite Place Love You, Shannon
The Magic Of Disney Will Make Your Heart Sing, That Can Brighten Your Day!

Wonderful Travels!
Beautiful Freinds & Family

Next On To Texas
And The Rio Grande
My Brother From Another Mother Sent This Cute Cowgirl Postcard Just For Fun. 
The Next One Is Don & Phil Everly The Everly Brothers 
Henry Lives In San Antonio He Sent Me post Cards From Time To Time In 2004-2006 Such A Beautiful Friend & Brother.

I Hope You Have Enjoyed This Trip Of My Vintage Postcards. 

Beautiful Places Majestic Wonders Cute Animals, Fun Places.
Wonderful Memories Of My Friends & Family That Forever Remain In My Heart. Thank You La La For This Challenge It Was Fun Traveling Through Memory Lane & These Wonderful Places Again.

Arrivederci, Syonara, Adios,
Good Bye & So Long 
Happy Trails!



  1. I knew it was coming. Wow do you deliver! Watch out if you Challenge Ruby Rosé!

  2. Ha Ha Thank You, My Hat Box Of Memories :D Hey That's A Title Of Something Hummmmm ????? :D


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