Thursday, July 30, 2020

Murmurs at a funeral


"How do you feel dear?"
    Don't ask me again
"How are you doing?"
    I smile and pretend
Polite as it seems
    with greetings sincere
I cringe when its said
    so incensed just to hear
To not scream out loud
    or breakdown and cry
I feign a false smile
    & continue on by

If I told them I feel like my blood has turned black
    would they give me a hug or feel under attack
The ache is a fright not meant to be known
    the broken & shattered soul that I own
Love me,-- away, far, far from my sight
    Please give me silence, let me heal that I might

You can't bring her back  & you can't make me whole
    But give me some time & I'll find my own soul
I'll climb to the light & pretend I can touch
    know that she's there, It's a hope I can clutch

There is my answer 
    Have a nice day
It's bitter right now
    on this bitter sad day


  1. My Heart Goes Out To You Sweetie Love You

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