Monday, September 21, 2020

Looking Back

Looking Back, Looking Back In The Mirror

Looking Back In Time, Looking Back On Memories

Looking Back Of Friends & Family

Who We Are Where Came From Whom We Came From

Who We Are Now

Those Remnants Of Our Past Our History Our Family Our Heritage

It Does Not Define Us It Gives Us A Ground Of Where It Began 

As We Grow We Change To Another Path Or Another Belief

When Looking Back It Gives A Sense Of Relief

We Came From A Place Maybe Good Maybe Bad 

At The End Of The Day Things & People Change

New Paths New Beginnings To Be Better People A Better Soul

We Can Have Roots We Can Have Family

We Can Change Up Root Reality We Can Create We Can Be Better Than Hate

We Can Evolve We Can Change Our Family Chooses Us

We Learn From Their Love & Turn It Into Something To Be Proud Of

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