Monday, September 21, 2020

Writings On A Tablet-Family Trees

 Writings On A Tablet For No One To See 

Only Discovered Years Later For Eyes Of Another To See

Emotional Writer You & Me

We Feed Of Emotion Pens To Paper Fingers On Computer Keys

As We Write On & On For Others To See

Hidden In A Notebook Journals From Very Young Letters From A Far

Handed Down From Mother To Daughter Of Grandfathers Writings

The Writings I Have Seen Sparked The Writing In Me

Emotions Flowing Or The Beginnings Of The Day The Inspiration Has Fueled Me This Way

Many Thanks To My Creative Muse My Creative Family 

Writings My Feelings My Scribbling My Emotions Is From You

This I Know Is True Given To Me

Handed Down From One Generation To Another Precious Gift Given Never Taken For Granted

Inspiration To Share With Everyone

I Will Continue To Use No Matter When No Matter What In The Day Or Night 

During A Movie Or Late In My Sleep, I Can Awaken With The Words of Inspiration 

It Flows No Matter The Source When The Pen Is In My Hand Upon The Paper It Will Write Till No End

Your Guidance Will Continue To Flow Ever More The Writing Will Continue Through My Hand

With Pens To Paper Fingers To Computer Keys Your Guidance Will Forever Flow

For Everone To Read & See How Inside I Feel Emotionally

When The Inspiration Comes I feel Compelled To Write 

Your Guidance Your Light Allows Me To Show The World What I Write

I Love My Great Grandparents My Grandparents My Mother & Father 

Self Made Individuals Who Never Gave Up They Always Perserveared Their Strength To Fight

For Beliefs For What They Achieved Through They Had Some Bumps In The Road 

Some Of Them Had Shorter Roads They Worked & Meant What They Said

They Were Real I feel Their Strength From The Depths Of My Soul They Fuel My Spirit

They Fuel My Heart Writings Upon Pen To Paper My Fingers To Keys 

My Fuel My Family My Roots My Love From These Family Trees

I Am Wh I Am Because Of My Family Who Came Near & Far Distances

Places Of Beauty Places Of Strife Ridicule Places Od Death For Who They Are 

The Heritage They Came From They Rose Above Struggles They Faced

Artistic Background Self Starters Hard Workers With Principles

I Am Blessed To Express Myself In This Way My Ancestors My Gifts

Freedom From The Heart Down To our Fingers 

To Paint Write Express Love From Your Family Tree From Your Family Soul

Express What Is In Your Family Tree

For Them, This Is For You I

 Thank My Ancestors, My Family What A Magical Beautiful Strong Tree

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