Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Hedda Hopper & Head Vases "My Hedda Hopper"


Miss Hedda Hopper The Hat Lady:

Hedda A Former Actress  And Columnist In The 1940s Was Also  Known For Her Hats

What A Collection They Were

Beautiful Lady With Such Style

There Was A I Love Lucy Episode With Hedda In It. 

They Were All In Hollywood & Lucy Jumped In The Pool With All Her Clothes On To Get Hedda'a Attention It Is Hilarious You Have To See It To Appreciate All The Style & Comedy. 

That Episode Sticks In My Mind

Hedda & Lucy Were So Funny

When I See Some Of The Lady Heads 

They Resemble Hedda Quite A Bit: 

     Seems Like There Was One Produced In  The 1950s

                It Just So Happens I Have A Lady Head. 

                      I Decided To Gussie Her Up A Bit. 

                                 This Is The Result.

                            She Is My Hedda Hopper 

                  I Could Not Believe The Resemblence

Awaiting Her Afternoon Tea Time  

Where Is Lucy?

Lovely Hedda With Birds & Pip Berrys In Her Glorious Hat. 

The Lady Headvase Was A Gift From My Sister & I Had A Few items To Gussie Her Up.

 "Voila She Became My Hedda Hopper"

     Lovely Hedda Hopper In Her Beautiful Greens & Pinks 

                  These Ladies Take On Such A Persona. 

                                         She Has

                             Hedda's Style & Grace 

                               When You See Hat Ladies 

              Think Of Hedda Hopper's Timeless Style

Madonna~Mother Mary & My Nuns~Nurses-Ladies Who Help & Give Peace 10-28-2020

Mother Mary She Watches Over Us With Angels Nearby:

Angels & Nuns Singing

Lady Madonna With Praying Hands:

My Spiritual Ladies & Figures

Give Peace~God Cares

                                                    Pink Angel & Her Choir 

The Sisters Sing & Pray

For Joy & A Better Day


     Nurses Like Angels 

                                  Give Of Themselves 

                        Precious Hands Give Loving Care

                               My Spiritual Ladies 

              Give Me Peace Tranquility And Solace 

              With Troubles Times & Some Hard Days

                         Looking At These Ladies 

                  Calms My Heart In So Many Ways.

                         Peace Be With Us All...

Lady Heads With Character


The Character Of Lady Heads :

I Found This Fascination With These Adorable Ladies Who Have Such Character, They were produced in the '50s & '60s. 

Some Have Names Or Brands Such As Rubens, Enesco, Inarco & Napcoware. 

There Are Some With No Names Or Markings & Were Made In Japan. 

All Of These Ladies Have Sweet Faces & Personality.

                          So Collection Bagan. 

Some Ladies Need A Bit Refurbishing So The  Makeovers They Shall Have:  

Lucy  Needed Some New Color Now Her Job Is On My Desk Holding My Pens 
A True Helper

My Aqua Lady Holds A Fan So Pretty. 
She Has Has A Makeover She Had A Very Hard Time Her Makeup Rubbed Off & A Few Cracks & Faded Hair, From The Beauty Chair She Is Beautiful & Pretty Now

                                                                                                                                         Makeup Ladies Hold The Brushes:

This Lady Needed A New HairColor & A Fresh Makeup Now She Is Bright & Beautiful!

The Dresser Ladies Hold The Lipsticks

Thes Ladies Have Their Purpose 

They Charm Any Dresser Or Table. 

Some Need Fixing Others Are Beautiful On Their Own 

Each One With Charming Abilities They Are A-Class Act

Precious Ladies That Gives Grace Near My Side Bed Tables.

 Unique Beauty & Charm That Brings Sunshine To My Day.

These Ladies I Have In Pink & Green My Favorite Colors That Hold My Every Day Make Up Essential Graceful Faces I Just Love These Sweet Ladies

These Ladies Fill My Heart With Joy Each Time I Work With One They Give Me Such A Warm Feeling In My Heart. 

They Can Surely Grace Your Home Where Ever You Place Them They Can Make You Smile Even On A Bad Day They Will Bring You Cheer!

My Ladies From My Home For You To See & Enjoy & Know.

                     Have A Lovely Day 

When You Need Some Cheer Come Visit Ruby's Lady Heads Or Perhaps You Will Find Some Of Your Own. 

They Will Give You 

Grace, Love & Cheer  

A True Joy In Your Heart

Monday, October 19, 2020

Lady Head Vases Part 3 Christmas Cheer


Christmas Cheer

Beautiful Red Sparkle. 

My Center Lady Headvase (Nippon) With Pinecones & Pretty Birds.

She Is In Great Company With Her Little Sisters. (2 Inarco) Head Vases 

Adorned With Pine Cones & Berries 

Tis The Season

Such A Sparkly Lady Ready For Happy Holidays Christmas Cheer & Blessings For The New Year!

Christmas Twins Wishing You Health & Happiness May All Your Dreams & Wishes Come True For A Blessed Holiday Season!

Pips & Berries Holly & Pinecones
Repeat The Sounding Joy
Repeat The Sounding Joy!

                                   We All Sing!

A Very Merry Christmas To All!

To All A Good Night

Happy Holidays

                 The  Sparkling Ladies

Monday, October 12, 2020

Lady Head Vases Part 2 Autumn Harvest

My Autumn & Harvest Ladies

Full Of Grace & Thankfulness 

Orange Glitter Gal Full Of Sparkle & Sweetness The Birds & Owls Love Her. She Has A Scarecrow Best Friend.



Sparkle Autumn Bountiful

Lady Full Of  
ThanksGiving & Grace

Lady Of  Harvest & Thanksgiving Wishes Everyone To Be Well And Safe 

Many Blessings To Everyone
This Time Of Year 

As The Leaves Fall In Autumn Grace & Thanksgiving Is Upon Us

Happy Harvest 
These Ladies~A True Joy To Work With 

Doll Art By RubyChristene