Monday, October 12, 2020

Lady Head Vases Part 1 Halloween Ladies

Projects That I Have Created:
The Repainting Of Lady Head Vases:

My First Lady Poor Gal She Was Quite A Mess 

She Needed An Appointment: 

She Came Into The Beauty Parlour She Had A Gothic Makeover

Lady Head Vases Were Very Popular In The 1950's They Were Called Head Vases Or Wall Pockets Mint Ones Are Very Expensive But You Can Find A Deal Or Two:


I Have Rediscovered These Lovely Ladies & Have Quite A Collection. Some I Have Kept Original & Other Ones I Found Less Than Perfect. 

(The Mint Ladies Remain Original For Value Purposes) 

Now Getting Back To The Ones Who Are I Need Of Help I Found Some That Needed A Makeover So Why Not A Spooky One.  

Here Are My Spooky Lady Heads That Grace My Doll Asylum

First Lady Is My Witch: 

Full Of Sparkle & Autumn Color

My Second Lady Is My Cracked Doll                                       Pink Sparkle

Raspberry  Sparkle Dazzle

A Huge Flower To Match Such A Sweet Face 

My Third Lady Is For Dia Des Los Muertos

This Beautiful Colorful Lady 

She Watches Over All The Loved Ones In Heaven

Each Of  These Ladies Have Quite A Personality! 

An Art Project I Truly Enjoy 
Dia De Los Muertos

Doll Art By Ruby Christene

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