Thursday, November 19, 2020

From Broken To Beautiful Miss Pinkie Sparkle

Broken To Beautiful

Poor Dear Lady, She Was Not Wrapped Nor Was She Secure With The Utmost Care. 

Her Handlers Threw Her Around Bouncing Everywhere.  

She Had A Rough Trip 

She Arrived At Her Destination So Broken & Sad Ready To Give Up.

When She Arrived I Immediately Admitted Her Into My Hospital.

She Had Quite A Stay Several Weeks Of Repair. 

Then To The Beauty Shop For A Makeover To Give Her New Life Again.

Once Finished 

How Beautiful She Became

                        " Introducing Miss Pinkie Sparkle "


How Beautiful She Looks

With Shades Of Pink 
Sparkles & Baubles 
And Bubbly Champagne

Her Hospital Stay 

Went Very Well 

Her Sparkly Pink Makeover Gave Her Such A Lift She Is Not The Same Lady 

When She Came In Broken & Sad. 

Now A New Look 

A Very Cheerful Character 

So Very Happy She Is

                           With A  Beautiful Smile On Her Face.

                           What A Way To Celebrate

                           Let's Ring In The New Year!  

                              It Was Such A Pleasure 

                       To Rescue & Help This Little Lady

                             May She Shine & Sparkle 

                        She Will Have A Beautiful 2021.

                                                Happy New Year  Everyone 

                               These Ladies Want Wish 

                                A Very Healthy & Safe 

                                     Happy New Year 

                            Here Is To A Wonderful 2021!

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

The Blue Moon "Only Happens Every 40 Years" October 31, 2020


The Blue Moon 

It Only Happens Every 40 Years 

A Very Special Moon 

Shining Beautiful Through The Trees

Breaking Through What A Beautiful Sight


Over The Rooftops 

A Heart                                      Begins To Appear

The Shadows In The Clouds 

Images Begin To Show Shapes

Dancing Images Of Happiness

A Very Special Night 

Magic Happens 

Put All Your Good Intentions To The Universe 

While The Blue Moon Lights Up The Sky 

May All Wishes Come True

Peace & Good Intentions Loved Ones 

                  For The Next Year To Come 

                              Magical Things Happen

                             Many Blessings For All 

                           In The Heavens Above 

                           The Beauty Of The Sky 

                                   May This World 

                   Have The Peace & Unity Is Deserves

                            The Blue Moon Of Love 

                            Magic In The Night Sky

Dad October 30 2020 Twenty Years Gone To Heaven Your Celebration From Flowers To Sea


October 30 2020 Twenty Years Gone By:


Dad Went To Heaven On October 30th, 2000. 

Today We Celebrate You Dearly Missed But Know Your At Peace

Our Message We Left You

Candles We Lit For You

Beautiful Flowers

We Sat Chatted Played Your Favorite Music We All Let Your Know Were Are There St Your Resting Place Filled With Love 

We Visited Others As Well Granny-Grandpa Auntie Betty & Uncle Abel To Let Them Know They Are Love & To Wish Them Happy Birthday Coincidentally It Was Their Birthdays~Celebration For All.


Granny & Granpa Love To You
Auntie Betty & Uncle Abel

Happy Birthday

As The Sun Set, We Approached The Ocean At Surfside Beach To Release Some Flowers We Saved From Your Bouquet

The Flowers On The Shore

                                                        Beautiful Sunset

Mom & Kevin Arm & Arm Such A Beautiful Day We All Felt Dads Spirit There The Water Was Even Warm

Such A Perfect Day For Your Celebration 

20 Years Gone To Heaven But Still With Us In Every Way We Felt Your Presence It Was Such A Beautiful Day

The Sunset & The Rushing Water

The Flowers Kept Rushing To Shore Such A Beautiful Scene A Very Special Day.

We All Celebrated You We All Celebrated Beauty Love Peace & Joy Knowing You Felt Our Love This Day How You Felt Our Presence In Our Own Individual Ways.

Even The Late Comers Ethan & Chris Enjoyed The Beach

A Beautiful Ending As We All Said Until Next Time Daddy We Love & Miss You & We Know You're Smiling Down From Heaven We All Had A Sence Of Peace That Day.

                                  We Love You 

                             Walter W Pacheco 

                 " Nov 8 1935 - Oct 30 2000"