Friday, April 23, 2021

Fortune FriYaY! April 2021

 I grabbed the first one I saw and as time goes on I'll share all the intricate details of how this transitioned from a cute family giggle to an all encompassing collection. Today though, the Universe sends it love and a little noteworthy advice. 

Fortune Friyay

In my spare time at home, I have been concentrating on building some online side hustles. There have been Print on Demand designs as showcased in the #TTTshop. Also, other blogs, other POD shops, trying to learn how to create YouTube content, book publishing on Amazon, last but not least affiliate marketing, which means learning how to build websites to highlight all of the above.  

It's a GIANORMOUS undertaking, however, very fulfilling and quite fun. Doing all of this in so called "spare time" means that the traction is very slow. Some things are tedious and repetitive. days and days pass of me whittling out little bits of some project to finally get something posted.  This blog included. I'm sure someone has noted that my content here is farther and farther apart. But my enthusiasm has not faltered yet.  #TTT is my prize. It is my lifelong love child shared with lovely dearheart Ruby Rosé. 

The projects build, and time diminishes. One thing is certain, I value my time so much more now. Its easier to say no to things I really don't want to involve myself with. But my phone is way too busy now. I have to find a solution for that at some point. 

All of this is leading somewhere. That somewhere for me is to retire, hopefully early. Enjoy the journey along the way to retirement. Then enjoy more and more adventures. My ultimate goal is to work from my mobile media office inside my Touring RV. Within me burns the desire to fulfill my part gypsy DNA-roadtrip, scavenger hunt murals, and pick up-mail out picture postcards. Along the way, it would also be great to visit or participate in some small town outdoor craft/art/flea markets, all while building my websites and online content when I’m not driving, playing, or resting out on the road.

This dream cannot materialize fast enough for my tastes, yet the universe once again reminds me, that all good things worth reaching for are also going to involve action and patience.

"There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going"

 Thank you once again for confirming, I am on the right path. Even if it seems a bit murky and bogged down from time to time. Just keep moving forward.

We hope you are enjoying this new series. Any comments or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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