Monday, August 23, 2021

Thank You Mom-Dedicated To The Loving Mothers Who Do So Much-Especially Mine


Thank You, Mom

Thank You Mom For Letting Me Be Me

Sometimes If I Don't Say It Enough I Love You.

In My Heart, I Know You Love Me.

Thank You Mom For Allowing Me To be Me

Us Two
Thank You For Always Understanding

The Talks We Share The Things  We Do


The Silent Times Even 

Though You Know What I Was Thinking

Thank You Mom For Just Understanding Me

Who I Am And Who I Want To Be.

Thank You For Always Being There

Talks, Hugs, Understanding, Shopping Excursions

Our Special Lunchoens

Thank You Mom For Being A Loving Human Being

Being There Always When Others Are Not

Having An Ear To Listen To, A Shoulder To Lean On,

 A Hand To Hold.

When I Needed You Thank You For Being There

A Treasure In My Heart 

You Put A Smile On My Face 

The Fun We Have 

Your Inspiration & Giving Heart

Thank You, Mom 

Because Of You

 I Am Here You Have Instilled

 In Me Your Giving Heart

 A Truly Godly Soul That Is You

Unconditional Love With Open Arms

Your Always In My Corner 

Always Makes Me Feel Special

Your Gifts Your Cards Your Giving Heart 

Special WayOf You Is My Favorite Part

Thank You Mom I Love You With All My Heart.

My Mother Irene Pacheco Special Lady Such A Gift

Friday, August 20, 2021

My Mothers Hands

 My Mothers Hand's

My Mother's Hands Are Hardworking Hands

Giving & Loving Hands

From A Giving Heart

Mom Stretches Her Hands  

She Lifts them To The Lord

With A Smile On Her Face Each Day

Even Though She Is In Pain

With A Spring In Her Step

The Lord Carries Her Through In Every Way

Each Night

Before She Lays Down Her Weary Head

My Mother's Hand's Begin To Pray

My Mom's Motto My Moms Hands Tell The Story

Of My Life:

As My Hands Wave Remember My Motto!

Remember My Story:  

In Each & Everone Of Us 

Our Hands Tell Our Life Story...