Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Happy Homemaker Holiday Season

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All my life I've tried to follow in the footsteps of some of the greatest mom's I had ever seen. Realistically, those expectations came from outside the home instead of inside. Growing up in the 70's we had these great TV drama reruns that played over and over from the 50's and 60's. These stereotype mother figures were the epitome of "Perfect Mothers."  The only thing is, were they?  The reason why those shows existed was to remove us from our daily experience and entertain. The lifestyle they portrayed so beautifully on TV and our lives at home were much different. 

Unfortunately, even though my momma was a housewife and mother, her home making skills were little to be desired. On the reverse hand, her mothering skills were full of love and patience. Now that I have been a mother, housewife, and have adult children thinking about setting up their own homes, I hope to not pass on any expectation of what a perfect household or family should look like.  They can create their own vision of what their family and home should be.

These old fashioned expectations left us longing for a simpler time. I'm the first to enjoy the good old fashioned ways of yesteryear.  I LOVE their fashion sense, the progress that happened within those generations regarding how to "Keep" a home have fallen by the wayside, Even for the generation that put them in place.  I don't see many of them still walking around with a beehive and apron. Does anyone still use and apron?  YES, my mother in law wouldn't be caught alive outside without her blue embroidered apron, ESPECIALLY when she goes to the market.  

Culture is everywhere, and when we open our eyes and heart to the very many ways to celebrate life, friendship, family and celebrations, please be mindful. Everybody does it different. There are no two homes that do things the same. Just as there are no two snowflakes that are identical, Everybody does it different.  
With that in mind, I would love to honor your practices of family and household. I hope you enjoy this Holiday season in a way that honors you and your traditions and has a loving view of curiosity for how others do things differently as themselves are different. 

Everyone Have a Happy Holiday Season. 

Love and Blessings to all


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  1. I Love This La La & Yes, I have aprons I use when I cook on holidays my thanksgiving one has chickens on it, :D I come from a long line of happy cooks & homemakers the #1 is my mom of curse she taught me everything to create a happy home, which I implement today still even though I have 3 men in the house. I have learned all types of cooking through my mother's & father's relatives plus my own experiments, which makes somewhat of an eclectic cook, haha. Likewise, I love this piece you wrote, it is perfect for the Holidays as they rapidly approach us once again. Thank you for such a lovey & warm addition to your blog xoxoxoxxx

  2. You are truly blessed to have such a great teacher and mother to set that example. Momma P is incredible for sure. Would you believe I have and apron too. I might have to dig it out now. Did you see the bakeware in the ad from the picture? There are some great kitchenwares on sale right now. I couldn't help myself when I seen them.

    Love Lala 💖😊💕😊💖


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