Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Holidays Approaching Halloween is Looming-October 20 2021

We are Approachig the Holiday Season Halloween is Looming As I have Created Many Scary Dolls This Year The Sanderson Sisters Appear From The Film "Hocus Pocus" Here Is My Creation To Enjoy
Hocus Pocus The Sanderson Sisters
Halloween 2021 Yes Spooky But Always Have Their Place On The Table Top Or Peering Out The Window
This Year Was My Dedication o The Disney Film "Hocus Pocus" Such A Cute Film Halloween Doesnt Have To Be Slashing Blood And Gore! With A Puff A Smoke The Sanderson Sisters Appear! My Verson Of These Funny Ladies! Winnie Will Put A Spell On You! Mary Smells Children!
Sarah Will Run A Muck! A Muck! A Muck! Her Two Friends Following Her!
As The Weeks Terry On Halloween Is Coming I Wish You All A Fun And Safe Celebration Of All Hallows Eve! As The Stars Sparkle And With A Puff Of Smoke Soon Hallows Eve Will Disappear!
Untill Next Year! You Never Know Who Will Appear! Then Dia De Los Muertos Begins 11-1-2 Our Loved Ones We Will Remember

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  1. Wow I never realized you had so many. So much remarkable creative talent! It's an incredible collection Ruby

    love LaLa


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