Saturday, March 26, 2022

[Unwittingly] I embark...

Embark and the next step will blaze the path.

It was too easy to start this journey, but that was the advice. ‘Just get started.' I didn't recognize any of the experts, but their huge following must prove the value in their level of expertise. So, start I did, without following some of the other counsel to actually plan. Opps is an expression that could become quickly overused in this context.

Here we are two feet out of this new gate into a vast innovative space with very little knowledge of what could possibly come our way. Sounds stimulating. Hope my Emojis work along the path because my Photoshop skills are less proficient than my copy n paste, grammar, & formatting talents. "This too shall pass." We will save the introductions for next time as I have overstepped my bedtime. Rest is crucial for the creative juices to keep fruitful.

Nighty night 💤

Friday, March 11, 2022

Words Of La La

Keep Smiling

It Tells Our Inside What To Do
Balancer Harmonizer

Happiness Grows
Keep Smiling

My Plate Goes Spinning

Spinning Plates
One Goes To Spin
Grab It Get It Going Before It Falls

Then Oopps There Is Another One Again

From La La