Saturday, December 17, 2022

Do You Wonder?

Do You Sit In Silence Or Do You Scream Outloud? Defend Yourself Or Fade Into The Clouds Voice Is Not Heard-Voice Is Ignored No Matter What You Say Or Do-Nothing Is Ever Enough What Do You Do-Does Anyone Hear You? Peace & Tranquility Where To Find Where Can It Be Far Away Or Inside Thoughts & Prayers To Help A Heart When Chaos Comes-Sit In Silence No Noise Will Start, Closed Eyes Help To Fly Away Help To Be Free My Solice My Creativity In My Personal Place My Creative Space To Let Go To Be Free Escape The Noise The Negativity I Close My Eyes & Embrace The Tranquility My Space-My Place My Heart-My Creativity Nature Above Me Wonders Below Me Thats The Place I Long To Be My Thoughts My Heart The Words Flow Withn Me Places Things People Ecountered All Part Of Relativity All Part Of Me Yes I Wonder, I Wonder About These Words Within Me Influences, Encounters, Experiences, Knowledge How This Is My History To Make Peace Within Me Im At A Loss Because Whats Meant To Be Is Not Real An Illusion A Fantasy Not Sure Who I Am Where Is My Place Lost In A Whirlwind Lost In Space...


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