Sunday, January 8, 2023

Illustrations Of Our Lives

Pictures Are The Illustrations Of Our Lives That Springboard A Story-A Story To Tell A Memory To Share-Pictures Of Ones Life Their Journey To Tell Our Illustrations Become Our Sorty To Live On After We have Gone The Pictures The Memories Hold On To Them Close To Remember To Reminice Fun And The Good Times Precious Memories Bring Laughter, Bring Tears, Bring Joy, Precious memories Held Dear To The Heart Let The Illustrations Tell The Story As Life Goes One The Illustrations Are The Mark Of Ones Life Story The Story Lives On In Each Of Us Each Life, Each Story, Pictures, Memories, Brings Us Closer Together, Rememberence With Warmpth In Our Hearts
I Recently Lost A Family Member And All The Photos In His Collage His Kids Put Together Told A Story Of Man, A Father, A Husband, A Person Who Had A Beautiful Life In The Photos Your Couold See His Journey, So I Felt Compelled To Write This Little Piece. Our Photos And Memories Tell Our Story, Maybe Not The Entire Story, But It Gives Us An Insight Into The Life Of The Individual.A Tribute With Pictures, Memories, Stories That Are Very Dear, Always Hold Them Close As Our Lives Fly By...

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